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At the core, problems are never about leadership, communication, sales, marketing, or even finances. Thanks to research done by my friend @DavidHorsager, we know that the main problem is always rooted in some type of trust issue. The good news is that trust can be learned, practiced, and perfected. David walks you through how in his latest book Trusted Leader. I highly recommend it! Learn more at #trustedleader, #trustedleaderbook, #davidhorsager


At their core, most of the issues we experience in business (or ministry) are issues of trust. Without trust, expenses, problems, attrition, stress, and time-to-market all increase. That’s why I want to encourage you to check out David Horsager’s new book Trusted Leader. Don’t waste any more time or money trying to solve the wrong problems. Check out to learn more about David and the book


Want to learn how to build a culture that encourages trust? Check out @DavidHorsager’s new book Trusted Leader and start solving the REAL problems in your business. #trustedleader, #trustedleaderbook


Did you know that a lack of trust is your biggest expense? Based on research done by my friend David Horsager, costs, problems, attrition, stress, and time-to-market all increase when there are trust issues in your organization. To get to the bottom of the real problems you’re facing, I highly recommend his new book Trusted Leader. Learn more at